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Thriving in Place: Carol Thomas - Dispirited

Thriving in Place: Carol Thomas - Dispirited

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16 x 20", digital print

Artist Statement

Photography, for me, is all about the art of seeing and using my camera to be in the moment and interpret the world as I see it. I was twelve when my parents gave me a small Brownie camera before a family trip to Yosemite National Park. This fueled a lifelong passion for both travel and photography. During this Pandemic, my normal travel and photography practice has been curtailed. But I find that limitations and constraints inspire even more artistic resilience. I am using the time of sheltering in place to do more studio work and explore creative processing of my images. I have a Ph.D. from U. C. Berkeley in educational research and development. Before I retired, I was CEO of Education Northwest, a non-profit organization that operated as a federally-funded regional educational laboratory. I believe in lifelong learning, and photography has taught me to look at my world differently even without a camera. It has opened by eyes and heart to the beauty of the world and allowed me to meet new people and hear their stories. I belong to the Berkeley Camera Club, the Berkeley Fine Art Photography Group, the Bay Area Nikon Users Group, and I volunteer as an Affiliate for ProBono Photography. My images have been exhibited at the Abrams Claghorn Gallery, the ACCI Gallery, the Alameda County Fair, the Lightroom, and at the Marin Society of Artists, among other venues. I’ve been influenced and motivated by many photographers whose images compel me to seek adventures, camera in hand. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you. If you are interested in following my photographic journey, please check out my website: I can be contacted at: