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Shimmer: Sandra Yagi: Octoskull #2

Shimmer: Sandra Yagi: Octoskull #2

Sandra Yagi

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18 x 18 "

Oil on Panel

Octoskull #2 is an image depicting humanity’s effect on the oceans, habitats, and the creatures in that realm. Humanity’s destruction of the environment is symbolized by a skull with tentacles entangling unlucky creatures in its grasp. When we look at the ocean’s surface, we see its sparkling beauty and what seems like an endless amount of water, but we need to be aware of what is happening below the surface. Climate change is raising the level of acidity, destroying coral reefs, and disrupting the food chain.  Overfishing and pollution is decimating fish populations, which should be a sustainable, renewable source of food for generations to come.  My hope is that art can help wake people up to the environmental issues of our time, and do what they can to restore nature’s balance.