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Shimmer: Rebecca Haseltine: Upwell #3

Shimmer: Rebecca Haseltine: Upwell #3

Rebecca Haseltine

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40 x 48 "

Ink on Mylar

 As a whale moves through the ocean, it creates a wake of turbulence. It contributes to an upwelling in the ocean that we are just beginning to learn about. This series explores the movement in the ocean as it is stirred up by the action of blue whales. A blue whale is sleek and massive, up to 300,000 lbs, and around 80 feet long. It will often swim at a depth of around 43 feet, but can reach a depth of 1600 feet. Typically it will hold its breath for 10 – 20 minutes, but can sustain a held breath for up to 35 minutes. As blue whales travel deep and then surface to breath, they stir the ocean. Whales contribute to climate balance with their diving and surfacing, eating and defecating rhythms. The action of large whales contributes to the absorption of carbon – and this contributes to balancing temperatures. The Upwell series explores the simplest level – layers of sea life within the ocean, and the gentle, yet huge, impact of an immense animal moving fluidly and powerfully through these layers.