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Shimmer: Meghan Pohlod: Untitled #2

Shimmer: Meghan Pohlod: Untitled #2

Meghan Pohlod

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30 x 22 "

Monotype, mulberry Thai Kozo paper, unique print


Artist Statement

To shimmer is to shine with a soft tremulous light while the color blue calls to mind the feeling of liquidity, calmness and serenity. Ultramarine–and all of its values from Baby Blue to Ink–evokes joyful resilience in curious and playful ways. I used the surfaces of found vintage metal platters to create unique prints by inking their surfaces with various blue hues and values. Upon closer examination, each platter holds a rich history of use and resilience–suggesting stories with their cuts, scrapes, and nicks. Even the tarnished ones glimmered.