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Shimmer: Carol Newborg: Water Portal

Shimmer: Carol Newborg: Water Portal

Carol Newborg

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 82 x 38 x 1 "


Paper mâché, acrylic, beeswax, copper wire and nails

Water Portal is an imagined form of water- a potential entrance to another space, to somewhere beyond.

The many forms that water takes have inspired my series of water-themed installations. The drop forms are made from paper mache, paint and beeswax and hung with copper wire, which catches the light like water. Past installations were inspired by waterfalls, clouds, mist, and rainfall. Originally, the series was based on the idea that “All the water there will be on earth is here now.” We poison and pollute more and more water through our industrial and farming systems and with our disposal of toxic plastics and other materials.

Yet the beauty of water is endlessly inspiring- we go to the ocean to soothe ourselves with the sound of waves, we feel at peace just sitting by creeks or lakes, and we swim to be surrounded by and immersed in nature. I create art that I hope makes us more aware of water and the other beautiful gifts of nature, so that we can restore and retain the balance of life on earth.