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Work & Worship: Rubina Kazi-Rumi; Guest House

Work & Worship: Rubina Kazi-Rumi; Guest House

Rubina Kazi

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30" X 20"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Description: This painting is inspired by Rumi's poem - The Guest House.
The core message of this poem is one of mindfulness, to be with whatever life brings us. Whether it comes in the form of joy or great sorrow, Rumi encourages us to greet it without fear. His advice is to muster the strength to accept these thoughts without contempt and have the faith that this change will eventually help us become better versions of ourselves.

Artist Statement: Calligraphy for Rubina is a visible expression of the highest art of all, The art of the spiritual world - and influenced by the combination of her cosmopolitan upbringing, international travels and experiences,

and love of Sufi music.