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Bruno Kark

In pursuit of an art practice connected to age-old traditions, I discovered techniques that continue to inspire new forms. Whether the construction of sculptural shapes came from wheel throw cylinders (altered, faceted and carved) or slab rolled objects, my aesthetic has been influenced by the time I spent as an apprentice in Bizen, Japan. Many current works are built to join with the compositions of Ikebana flower arranging, particularly the abstract Sogetsu school.

I am an enthusiast of the historic vases of Japan, Korea, China, and the Pacific Rim and I’ve used classic glazes such as Shino, Tenmoku, Oribe and Celadon. My kilns are fired by natural gas to a high temperature, cone 10, reduction. These traditional earth tones playfuly complete a variety of ceramic forms: from jars that fit in the palm of your hand to large-scale works of wheel thrown vases, some over four feet tall, and platters up to three feet in diameter.  

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