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Erin McCluskey Wheeler At Grove Salon

Currently on view at Grove Salon:

Erin McCluskey Wheeler - The Surface of the Moon

Grove Salon is located at 1483 Solano Avenue, Albany CA 94706,

Artist Statement

This series of paintings explores lunar deformation and planetary geology as a model for empathy and resilience. The surface of the moon is a record of water, fire, tectonic shifts, collisions, meteorites, and the pull of the Earth. The surface we see reflecting light back to earth is the result of all of these geological deformations.

Works on paper / painted paper collages

This group of five painted paper collages spans a few different bodies of work exploring color, form, and long distance collaboration with other artists through paper exchanges. I both paint paper and paint with paper to create my work. Each of these five pieces contains at least one paper that was made by another artists and was going to be thrown away, but was instead given to me. Much like an art restorer, I view my work as finding ways back to the potential and effort that was put into the original; bringing the spill, the break, the tear, the mistake, the unresolved -- to a new place of beauty and grace.

Artist Bio

Bay Area artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler has a BA in studio art and art history from Beloit College, and an MFA from California College of the Arts. Erin works in paint and paper (found, painted, printed, and cut) to create abstract painted paper collages and paintings. In her work, Erin associates landscapes and colors with people in her life and while the work is abstract and open ended, it comes from a place of personal symbolism and meaning. Erin teaches collage and mixed media classes and workshops throughout the Bay Area and in 2018-2019, she was the Artist in Residence for the El Cerrito Recycling Center. Erin’s artwork is licensed and sold through West Elm, Samsung, and Minted.


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