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Judith Poe

Judith Poe Jewelry was created for the beauty and empowerment the perfect piece of jewelry brings to the wearer.
“In a world that is always telling us what to wear - to have the ability to choose a piece that creates a personal connection to you, makes jewelry more than just fashion.”
Judith's organic beginning started after leaving an investment banking career to pursue her passion in jewelry design. After working in renewable energy for Macquarie, the third largest global investment bank, in 2010, the time finally came to start the journey of sharing her own creative vision - to start telling her unique story.
When Judith started her eponymous brand over 6 years ago, it was a realization of a dream.
Founded on the vision that jewelry is an extension of the woman wearing it - each piece of jewelry is designed with the intention of empowering women by serving as a talisman to give women whatever they need - whether that's calm and clarity, or love and confidence.
Inspired by the captivating beauty of gemstones, we began working with the best materials to create jewelry that shared and supported Judith's philosophy on life - be authentic, be unique, and always shine!
Located in the heart of the Design District, each piece is handmade in our San Francisco studio, with master jewelers who share our commitment to quality and our passion for creative innovation.
​​​​​​We believe that true luxury is effortless, sophistication is sexy, and that everything is infinitely more stylish when it's worn with the confidence of a smile.

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