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Work & Worship: Salma Arastu-My Prayer

Work & Worship: Salma Arastu-My Prayer

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20" x 16"

Acrylic on Board

Description: I pray in the morning for guidance to do what He wants me to do, I pray at night to thank for blessings numerous; Prayer is my strength, Prayer is my joy, prayer is my constant connection with my Creator and His creation…

Artist Statement: I find myself yearning to find infinite possibilities of the lyrical line of Arabic Calligraphy itself on large canvases. I just want to plunge myself into the pleasure of contemplating the abstract flow of the swelling lines, and form compositions of lines and fields within given space and enjoy the celebration of calligraphy through lyrical visions. I paint to express the prayers of my heart and intend for the energy of the calligraphy, powered by the positive messages from the texts, to reveal the joy and celebration that I experience while creating them. Each verse I portray gives me strength and peace, and I hope to instill these feelings in my viewers.