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Thriving in Place: John Drake - A Moment for Reflection

Thriving in Place: John Drake - A Moment for Reflection

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Framed 28 x 22”; Image 20 x 16” , Digital Print

Artist Statement

In these turbulent times of mismanaged pandemic response, political polarization, racial strife not only revealed but actively promoted by the administration, and economic disparity not seen since the fall of the Roman Empire, it is all too easy to turn turtle and shell-ter in place. In fact, it is legally mandated. Mental and emotional well being is the first order of the day., with physical and financial survival for all too many. Thrive? Good luck with that, unless one is amongst the 1% who will make out like bandits while insulated from the rest of the world's angst. Yes, it is time to grab shovels and pitchforks, get pissed, go out, and cause Good Trouble. How else does one react when mail service is sabotaged in an attempt to hamper the election, infection numbers not allowed to be reported to the CDC, journalists are targeted in the streets by unmarked federal goons, and no end in sight.?

Photography gives me an opportunity, cautiously while masked, to venture forth from the protection of my home, and to briefly live in the present, forgetting everything else. I strive for that "decisive moment" where I can preserve forever an instant in time, and we can glimpse the forces at play in the subject's live. I hope these results bring a brief bit of respite to others as it does to me. 

Artist Bio

Based in Oakland California, John Drake has been a photographer since 2008. A retired paramedic who worked the streets of  Oakland and San Francisco for 30 years, he is primarily a documentary and street photographer. His images reveal the fleeting moment that defines the forces at play in the subject's life. With a passion for photojournalism, John in his off duty hours spent two years as a freelance news stringer. As an avid traveller, he has made images in countries and cultures around the world. Every photograph tells a story.