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Blue Willow Tea: Charcoal Roasted Tieguanyin

Blue Willow Tea: Charcoal Roasted Tieguanyin

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**This is a limited offering, made in small quantities.  Once it is gone we can't get more until the next year's harvest.**

Picked and processed by hand in the small village of Xi Ping in Anxi, this expertly-crafted Tieguanyin is a perfect representation of the depth and complexity this tea can offer.  Plucked in the spring and roasted over hot charcoal in bamboo baskets the dried leaf gives off hints of toasted biscuits and soft magnolia blossoms.  Once steeped, it exudes enticing aromas of sweet cream and sponge cake while preserving the underlying freshness of the green leaf.  The mouthfeel is full bodied and silky and the flavor is crisp, sweet and warming with an herbaceous note reminiscent of squash blossoms.  The warming sensation stays in your mouth and throat urges you to take another sip. 

The leaf itself is medium-oxidized and plucked from old Tieguanyin plants that have been in the family for generations.  The soil it grows in is rich with minerals which add to the depth and roundness of the flavor.  Only a small quantity is available.  

Harvest: 2020
Origin: Anxi, China