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Paper Dreams: Bambi Waterman: Reflections

Bambi Waterman

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Bambi Waterman

Reflections, 2020

48”x 48”, oil on masonite, wood

Artist Statement

My explorations aspire to lend a clarity and beauty to the subtle complexities found in the process of life forms.  My work reflects my search to find something simple and pure out of all this confusion / difficulty of life experience.

 As an Artist, I work in whatever medium suits the thought process I am currently working on at the time.  My current series are examples of that relationship between the medium and the concept I am portraying.  

 Through my work I am hoping to bring attention to the value of Endangered Species, and that they are not something to discredit.  Our Planet is in the throes of what Scientists call The Sixth Major Extinction, triggered not by a catastrophic and “unavoidable act of Nature” but by the impact of Human Society alone. This work continues to be an investigation of form in the natural world, in which each Piece is a variation of reflections of light, color, scale, form, positive, negative.

 Just as a Society chooses what values to possess, we have the choice to be a positive or negative reflection of those choices as well. Each Species is important if for no other reason than they are among the most wonderful expressions on Earth.

 ~ Bambi Waterman