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Athena Craig: Pie Necklace

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Sterling silver chain with aluminum pendant approximately 1.5 inches diameter


The designer and maker of Athena Craig Designs was born in Southern California into a family of artists. The San Francisco Bay Area has been her home for many years now. Living in such a place and traveling through the beautiful state of California has given her much inspiration for her designs.

“For me, with jewelry, metals are the most fun and rewarding to work with. Although unconventional, I enjoy being able to create a final metal product without using heat.”

 Aluminum is her metal of choice. It is softer than other metals and looks great with sterling silver. The aluminum does not tarnish and is ultra-lightweight. She also uses copper and brass.

All her pieces are hand sawed, drilled, filed, sanded and assembled by her. Each piece is unique. Although she takes great care to make paired earrings match each other closely, you will never find any two pieces exactly alike.