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Art & Song: Lorin Benedict &r Mike Mitchell

Art & Song: Lorin Benedict &r Mike Mitchell

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Saturday May 18, 1-2:15pm


Join us this Saturday, May 18, for live jazz in the gallery. This month’s Art & Song features the virtuosic vocal improviser Lorin Benedict with drummer Mike Mitchell for an adventurous afternoon of classic and new genre-bridging music.

Lorin Benedict is an improvising vocalist (scat singer, essentially) living in Emeryville, California. He attempts to introduce more structurally involved elements into the field of (Western!) vocal improvisation. Most of his work in this area is centered loosely in the jazz idiom.

Art & Song is curated by Tiffany Austin, @tiffanyaustinmusic
She is also co-producing the upcoming Juneteenth celebration in Albany, June 23, as well as curating the music for that event.

An afternoon of music in the Gallery at Abrams Claghorn.
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