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Ancestral Transcendence Through Poetry and Storytelling April 7

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April 7th, 4-6pm

Price:$10- $20 (sliding Scale)

NOTAFLOF for trans folx

Description: It is an experience where we can express our queerness and transness through poetry and storytelling. We'll learn about the legacy of trans, nonbinary, and Two-Spirit poets and storytellers that have told their tales of gender-fuckery, exploration of sexuality, and resilience and survival and pure joy and rage that comes from their spirit. We'll also talk about the ways that ancestral work and ancestral healing can have an impact on our growing journey of existing in this world and dismantling it all together. There will be a mediation session where it gives you a chance to communicate with your ancestors and create words from within yourself and from the messages of your ancestors.

Bio: Born and Raised in Berkeley, Boudia Lafleur is a diviner, ancestral worker, poet and artist of Michif and European ancestry. 



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