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Alyssa Stanghellini: The Dreamer

Alyssa Stanghellini: The Dreamer

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Oil on wood, 9x12, 11x14" including the frame

This series depicts a set of roles that artist, Alyssa Stanghellini has found herself playing throughout her life. Those that enrich it more fully. Those that give her great joy. As though an act of giving rewards the giver ten-fold. She hopes that you as a viewer, feel the sentiment that she does when performing these acts as well as when she created these pieces. 

Artist Bio: Originally from Merced, California, Alyssa Stanghellini moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013 to further her study of fine art at UC Berkeley. Having graduated in May of 2015, Alyssa is exploring materials, as well as subject matter, to really find her voice in art.