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Alison Moncrieff: Your Selfied Insides

Alison Moncrieff: Your Selfied Insides

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Acrylic on canvas

Showing at Grove Salon: October 4 – November 15

An ongoing meditation on loss, transformation, and the fluidity of identity, my empty-dress paintings are witness to that which is mourned, transmuting, or being born. Historically, clothing has communicated social information such as sexual availability or fertility, class, religious status. Garments communicate the restrictions and the freedoms of a culture, narrowly defining the people who wear them. What would the world would be like if the message a garment carried were under the purview of its wearer and not that of their society? Empty clothing is emblematic to me of how much we do not know about other people, how much is theirs to define. Inside every garment can be a personal sovereignty that holds out hope for freedom, spiritual opening, and change.