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Agape Gems: Black Lives Matter Bracelet

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The other day a customer asked why she should purchase something from a store to raise money for a cause if she could donate directly.
Good point. Please do support non-profits in any manner they find helpful.
When you purchase from a store that will donate all or some of the proceeds to raise money for a cause, or a non-profit charity, you help even more people. And, sometimes it is easier for you to donate this way.
We purchased these Black Lives Matter Bracelets from Courtney Harleston of Agape Gems, an African-American jeweler in Atlanta. She asked that we donate all of the proceeds to a non-profit/charity of our choice. And we will.
We will donate 100% of the sale of these bracelets to Black Lives Matter. You can pay $10, or any amount you like, from $10 up, and we will pass it along. We will not deduct our costs. Further, if you have already donated to Black Lives Matter, we will give you a bracelet for free next time you come in.
And, if you purchase one along with other purchases, we will donate 20% of the sale as well.
Thanks to Michele C. Dodge, who's jewelery we sell in the gallery shop, for connecting us with Agape Gems!

Thank you for your support
- Robert Abrams

Agape Gems is an Atlanta-based jewelry enterprise featuring beautifully handcrafted jewelry. Founded by jewelry artisan Courtney Harleston, Agape Gems combines high quality materials with exceptional style to deliver the consummate fashion experience—one that celebrates love, individuality and self-expression. At Agape Gems, the philosophy is simple: “Love what you do, and do what you love.” Simply put, it is pure, unconditional style.