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In the Gallery Thru August 30 - Emerging Artists Showcase

Emerging Artist Exhibition July 1 - August 31, 2020

Abrams Claghorn Gallery is pleased to present our 2nd annual Emerging Artists Show. Over the last three months our team of mentors, Pamela Blotner, Elizabeth Addison, Natalie Mae Borges, Anna Vaughan, and Robert Abrams have worked in the virtual meeting rooms to help guide the artists through the process of preparing a body of work for a gallery show.
The artists juried into our professional development program have more than lived up to, and, really, exceeded our high expectations. It is no small feat to produce a body of work in three months.
Artwork by Lorraine Z Lerman, Marianna Kiraly, Meredith Moles, and Sandy Wren Olgeirson will be on display at the gallery for the months of July and August.
A fifth artist, Nicole Gelormino, will exhibit her work in October.
Congratulations to all the artists!



Beauty in the Beast

Lorraine Z Lerman

Images of floating galaxies of Coronavirus molecules in translucent colors shot with ultra sensitive electron microscopes inspired this series. By March 2020, Covid-19 was the news in the whole world, and it became the focus of my artwork with an eye to color, shape and design,  and a blind eye to the shattering effects of this “Beast”. I sought the Beauty in the Coronavirus Beast. 

Terrestrial Bodies

Sandy Wren Olgeirson

In the forests of myth and fairy tales, protagonists are transformed, heroes rise to meet challenges, deep secrets are uncovered, and great mysteries revealed. Ancient stories from around the world imagined the entire cosmos as a great tree, rooted in one world, extending into the next, its mighty trunk a ladder between worlds.    

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Introverted Harlequinne

Marianna Kiraly

These encaustic works are inspired by social isolation, vulnerability of the human body and the feelings tied to an uncertain future. My art practice is a personal process that explores innate fears, the line between the real and virtual world, identifying hypocrisy, distinguishing between “us” and “them”, and exploring the limits of imagination.

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Secret Stairways

Meredith Moles

Hundreds of secret stairways lead up and down the hills of the Bay Area. From them you can glimpse alleyways and backyards, spot deer and wild turkeys, and take in sweeping views. My stairway paintings travel along these paths, carving them out with crooked angles, sweeping curves, light and shadow, and warm, happy colors. While showing you some of the journey, the paintings also inspire you to imagine the next part of the adventure. Where do those playground slides lead? What would you see from the top of the hill? 

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