Chakra Rocket Presents Geometric Frequencies with Sound Bath

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Chakra Rocket Presents Geometric Frequencies with Sound Bath 

March 16th

6pm - 7:30pm

$40 per person

A sound bath is a harmonic experience where bowls made out of crystal, 7 metals or alchemy where other types of crystals and metals are added to surface of bowls.

The bowls I use are all in a factor 9 grid, the Golden Ratio, an example is the nautilus shell or the spiral of a succulent. In numbers 1+1+2+3+5….. is an example. Sonic Geometry is the term for this a shape the triangle some total of angles is 180 in Hz 180Hz in frequency in a note it is an F#, in chakra it is the Heart and green in pigment. This is how it goes for the rest of the bowls. These #s mean different things all over this planet and are keys to the cosmos.


All of this works to realign the chakra system within us and bring balance on a celluliar level and allow for deep meditation.


The sound bath is 45 min to hour long. The experience begins with a talk explain certain important elements to the healing. Factor 9 chakra alignment, Factor 9 Harmony, dissonance repair, sacred solfeggio frequencies, genesis pattern lotus blossom pattern, Age of Aquarius activation.