How to Photograph Your Work with David Wolf

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How to Photograph Your Work with David Wolf

Thursday evening from 6-8pm

December 12th 6 - 8pm
February 6th 6 - 8pm

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Workshop Description
The first time someone sees your art will most likely be through a reproduction, not in person. Whether you're applying to prestigious grants or simply want to gain more followers on Instagram, this course will help you make a good first impression. We'll cover the nuts & bolts of how to get accurate depictions of 2D, 3D & Site-specific artworks. You'll gain a fundamental understanding of framing the subject, proper exposure, lighting options and formatting the final files. We'll also discuss the benefits of specific accessories and ways to "cheat" to save money throughout the process.

Bio/Relevent Experience
David Wolf received his MFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and his BFA in Photography from the University of Georgia. Photographers such as Catherine Opie, Joel Sternfeld, William Eggleston and Mark Steinmetz have inspired him to photograph people beyond his immediate social circle as well as appreciate quieter moments closer to home. David often uses the camera to highlight our imperfections and to search for beauty in the forgotten, the independent, the commonplace, the handmade, the unfinished and the overgrown. Two of his long-term projects include photographing strangers in local parks all across the country and taking a self-portrait almost every morning for the past 18 years. He has taught workshops on contemporary art throughout the U.S. and worked as an admissions counselor for many years helping students develop their portfolios.