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For Auld Lang Syne- Renewing old friendships with clothes that matter

For Auld Lang Syne- Renewing old friendships with clothes that matter

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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2021, 9 AM – 11 AM


Come renew and refresh the love affair you have with clothes and textiles that have meaning for you.  We all have stuff we don't use but can't bear to throw or give away.  Let's make these enjoyable again.  In this workshop we will look at ways to refresh, restyle and upcycle garments or textiles that you cannot bear to give away but that are not currently working for you.  Together we will find ways to restyle or refashion these items to bring them back to life or to give them new life.  Together the class will perform simple, no-sew adjustments using the garments and textiles (linens, towels, fabric) we each bring in.  We will also discuss solutions that require sewing.  Finally, we will look at some simple projects to create one of a kind gift items (for ourselves or for others).  At the end of the workshop, you will have ideas to use and will have made something old new again.  The workshop fee will include email follow up to help you complete the refashions you bring in or that we discuss in class.  



Bring garments and textiles that you would like to see restyled or refashioned.  Maybe these belong to a cherished friend or relative, maybe they do not fit but have a killer print, great design detail or represent something meaningful though not currently usable - anything goes.  Bring any embellishments, sewing or gluing materials that you love.  This class is to encourage creativity and use of all the things you have.  I will also have some examples that we can work on together to help highlight a technique.  Bring enthusiasm!     


About Ash: I am a serial creative dabbler with a passion for fashion.  I love rescuing and refashioning garments or using them in new ways.  I love connecting with people to collaboratively and creatively find ways to make dreams and hopes come true.  I have lots of projects going at once and love the quick but killer fix.  Quirky and creative and serious about fun, I am always open to helping you find ideas on wardrobe restyling and refashion.  Connect with me on instagram @ambitiousrefash where I post infrequently but connect daily!


All workshops at Abrams Claghorn Gallery are gender inclusive. Some workshops have age minimums please check in the workshop description for this or call us if your curious. 


- How do I register for this class? Please follow the link to our Shopify website to make a payment.Once you have paid your space is now secured in the workshop.


- So I want to attend by have not paid, is it ok to just show up? No, if you’d like to join us you must pay in advance. Many of our instructors have to plan how many students will be attending and this includes packaging, transporting, and buying enough materials for students. Please pay if you’d like to attend. All of our workshops also have a minimum and maximum of students depending on the instructors desires of optimizing the workshop. Pay to save your spot today!


- I paid for the workshop, what next? Awesome, thank you for joining us. We will send you a reminder email 24-48 hours in advance to remind you of your up-coming event plus things to consider, such as parking, and materials or proper clothing if the workshop is messy hands on.


- What is your refund policy? NO refunds within two weeks of the event. This is in respect of our instructors and other students desire to attend the workshop. Cancellations are detrimental to our minimum numbers to run the workshop. Many of the workshops are very intimate, each student has lots of one on one with the instructor and this usually leads to very in depth and successful workshop sessions. Sign up now before the classes are full.


- Can I bring my dog? You can if the dog is comfortable under our shade tree out front. The workshops can be 1 - 5 hours long, and very immersive, so please consider this when bringing your pup.


- Is there parking? Yes, there is free parking on the street and usually many available spaces.


- Is there food/coffee in the area? Yes, Solano is loaded with many locations to grab a quick snack, a full meal, and tea/coffee options. 


- Is your location wheelchair accessible? Yes.


- Do you have a public bathroom? No. However, we DO have a restroom for paying students.