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Re-Imagining Our Footprint: Rena Charles - Repatriate the Trees

Rena Charles

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Repatriate the Trees
Approx 6" tall,  Christmas Tree Trunk, Eco-friendly paint and varnish
Water, Sky, Earth, and Sun


"Isn't it ironic that we cut down the natural homes of wild birds, reduce the trees to lumber, and then use the lumber to create bird houses and feeders?
With this artwork, I have repatriated a tree to the birds and returned the fir to one of its most natural roles - as a home for wildlife. To do this, I reused the trunk of my live silvertip Christmas Tree. The trunk is sectioned, hollowed, and painted with Water, Sky, Earth, and Sun motifs using eco-friendly pigments and varnish by Natural Earth Paint."

- Rena Charles