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Re-Imagining Our Footprint: Alison Moncrieff - Fire Season

Re-Imagining Our Footprint: Alison Moncrieff - Fire Season

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Fire Season

8.5" x 8", recycled denim and wool

“In general, reuse feels like the single most effective thing I can do to reduce my footprint as so much energy goes into the production of new things, and there is so much waste. For these pieces, wool sweaters are washed in hot water and dried in the dryer. They are sewn on an old electric machine, too, so I do use precious resources to make them. I put them through this process to make felted bags and pouches, and these pieces are left over from that. Wool is such a versatile material, is ubiquitous, and has a great story, coming from a living animal with its own story and a life outside. I thrift wool sweaters and jeans for myself and often end up cycling them into a project. I love the idea of clothes people in my community have loved and worn ending up as useful objects or pieces of art.”


–Alison Moncrieff