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Paper Dreams: Patricia Ludovici : Talismans 2020, Vexed and Passive

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7 x 12 x 7", Glass, Soap, Marble

Urban Observations

On long runs through Oakland I think about how I interpret the world through the objects I encounter daily. Most specifically, the intimate relationships we create with objects and the behavioral cues embedded in them. I document them, now useless and unhoused on the street. Imagining the intimacy that we had for them as they performed their function for us. I was left wondering about them, as tiny perfect sculptures, wondering about what happens to the object’s identity when it no longer supports us? The useless and the useful are closer than they appear.

A hybrid of utilitarian objects, a mask, a pair of underwear slung over soap exhibited on top of marble. 

With thoughts of subjective, sexuality, mass production, protection, and human frailty. We look to these items in our daily lives to give us support and comfort the body. The familiar relics that we encounter so often in our lives that are designed to hold and support us, to accommodate our physical activity. We rely on a one-way intimacy with them, having daily physical contact . What happens when these objects become unstable or threatening? what happens when they become frail and useless? Can they remind us that we are both physically and socially vulnerable? When we shift our understanding of Utilitarian objects can it shine a light on the shifting boundaries between personal and social space? Public and private relationships? Are these futile barriers?

- Patricia Ludovici