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Liberation, Celebration & Defiance: Tiffany Conway-Phoenix in Orbit

Liberation, Celebration & Defiance: Tiffany Conway-Phoenix in Orbit

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"Phoenix in Orbit" by Tiffany Conway

24x3e6", Mixed Media 

“Phoenix in Orbit” came about in a very difficult time in my life. Everything was shifting and I was still trying to maintain some sense of dignity through it all. I wanted to represent a fire in her through her skin tone as if she was emerging from the ashes into her truest self. In spirituality we call this the Saturn Return where your identity mask falls off and you begin to deal with the effects of your karma to begin anew. This was something I’ve come to learn after the fact...again my paintings always teach me what I was not able to articulate.

Artist Statement

Art has provided me with the tools to communicate in a way that was not able to do before. And for that, I am forever grateful for the practice. Art allows me to retreat, restore, and express all that I have learned from moving through the world as an African American woman. Art connects me to the energy that lives within myself that I’m not always able to see.

 I focus a lot on the transmutation to grief and beauty. And creating a dialog with myself through painting. I have an interest in skin tone and all that we carry underneath the top layer, which is why my art is so textural. I have an interest in using color as a language for emotions and perspectives and the body as a vehicle. Even though my work displays the beauty of others, what lies behind that initial layer are parts of my personal evolution.

I believe that it is important to unmask the myth of what strong should be. My overall vision is to create art that empowers vulnerability, as I believe that this is the ultimate superpower. When creating, I try to portray “softness” through my technique with skin tone in the attempt to portray my community, with humanity. When looking at my work I would like my audience to also see themselves with beauty, without hard lines, multidimensional, and navigating the world from the inside out.