Have You Heard Us Yet?

Items on this page are from this our June 2018 show in the gallery "Have You Heard Us Yet?"
These items will be available here until July 29.
Featuring Poetry by: Jeanie Ngo, Claire J. Baker, Lori Lynne Armstrong, Janis Hashe, Vicki Gunter, Becky Bishop White, Sandra Anfang, Kelliane Parker, Tiffany Higgins, and Nicole Rubio.
New & Original Artworks by: Rena Charles, Julianne Sterling, Hope Armstrong, Hellenmae, Mary Andersen, Ceci Bowman, Carol Jenkins, Kirsten Piroth, Kaitlin McSweeney, Mojgan Saberi, Nour, Vicki Gunter, Suzanne Long, Anna Vaughan, and Leah Tumerman.
Show Statement: Exhibiting the works of 10 female writers, the Abrams Claghorn Gallery will be showing poems visually represented as interpreted by 15 Bay Area artists; collaborating but having never met! The show is centered around what women’s​ hopes are for 2018 in regards to equality  as well as being a voice for the issues that they feel have largely not been heard, digested, and acted upon by those currently​ in power within our society. Entitled, “Have You Heard Us Yet?”, this show is ​in congruence with the “#M​e T​oo” and “#​Times Up” movements, which have been such a huge happening within the first months of 2018​, already. By continuing to shed light on these issues, we will be ever closer ​as a society, and hopefully on a global scale, to ​bridge the gap between ​gender identities.
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