Current Exhibit


Curated by Tali Grinshpan

Febuaury 1, 2020 – Febuaury 29, 2020

Reception Febuaury 8, 5 – 7pm

Glass is an unusual mater; It is not purely a liquid, solid, or gas. Glass is usually a transparent amorphous solid that has widespread practical, technological, and decorative uses such as, windowpanes, tableware, optics, and much more. Glass can transition from a liquid to a solid over a wide temperature range, causing it to be nicknamed “chameleon matter”. This quality makes it an ideal medium for a wide array of processes including blowing, kiln-forming, casting, and flame-working.

Glass can be translucent, transparent, or opaque; it can refract images or reflect them back to the viewer; it is strong, yet delicate. These qualities make glass perfectly suited for artists to explore fragility, resiliency, transparency, and transformation. This exhibition features work by contemporary artists who are using mainly glass particles in their work (glass powders and frits) in innovative ways. Their artworks also connect to broader cultural, environmental, political, and spiritual themes.

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