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Felted Wool Cat Toys

*Made from 100% wool
*Dyed with Kool-Aid so they are non-toxic or Natural undyed colors
*Little bell and organic catnip wrapped inside
*Can be re-felted over and over- once well played with wool will get ruffled. Simply place cat toy in a sock and send through the washer/dryer and it will come out looking new!
*Your kitty will have so much fun!

Cats love these toys! They are light enough to bat around, carry around with mouths or snag with a nail. They also love the texture and scent and are very drawn to these delightful toys.

Wool is from a small flock of much-loved, rare breed Karakul sheep.

Each toy is handmade and hand-dyed, and so is unique.

Available in a variety of colors.